Earl Zero Discography

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Righteous Works (Addis Ababa 7")
Home Sweet Home (Freedom Sounds 7")
Blackbird (Freedom Sounds 7")
I No Lie (Redemption Sounds 7")
Pure & Clean (Freedom Sounds 7")
Shakles & Chain (Freedom Sounds 7")
Come Away (Freedom Sounds 7")
Please Officer (Arab 7")
City of the Weakheart (Arab 7")
Heart Desire (New Flower 7")
Stick With Me One Girl (Love 7")

None Shall Escape The Judgment (recorded for Bunny Lee with Johnny Clarke singing back-up but never released. The Johnny Clarke version was a re-voice of Zero's and became a hit record. This story has been verified by both Johnny Clarke and Earl Zero).


Only Jah Can Ease The Pressure (Freedom Sounds)
Tracks: Only Jah, Blackbird, Coming of Jah, In The Rightway, 2000 Years, Come Away, Black Rose, Son Be Careful, Shackles and Chains, Get Happy

Visions of Love (Epiphany)
Tracks: None Shall Escape The Judgement, Home Sweet Home, Shackles and Chains, Visions of Love, Please Officer, Righteous Works, I No Lie, Only Jah Love, City of the Wicked, Get Happy, None Shall Escape (12" Disco Mix), None Shall Escape (Dub Mix), Please Officer Dub, Only Jah Dub, Home Sweet Dub


Various: Lovers' Rock (Freedom Sounds)
Tracks: Lover Rock, Family Man

Scientist: Dub In The Roots Tradition (Blood & Fire)
Track: Home Version

King Tubby & Soul Syndicate: Freedom Sounds In Dub (Blood & Fire)
Tracks: Tinson Pen Dub (Blackbird Version), King Tubby's Key (Shackles & Chains Version), Jah Is Coming Dub


Word, Sound, & Power
This is a great documentary on the Soul Syndicate band. It features Zero performing "None Shall Escape The Judgment," and he also participates in some of the interviews.

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