400 Years: Radio FREE MONDO Playlist

Saturday 4:00-6:00 p.m.
KZUM 89.3 FM
Lincoln, NE

September 11, 1999

INTRO/Theme: Soul Syndicate "Brass Attack" Epiphany
Burning Spear "As It Is Version" Heartbeat
Burning Spear "Holy Man" Heartbeat
Pablo Moses "Ready, Aim, Fire" TABOU.1
Black Skull "Black Slavery Davy"
Jimmy Cliff "Image of the Beast"
Hugh Mundell "Time & Place" Munrock
Hugh Mundell "Great Tribulation" Munrock
Ernie Smith "One Man, Same Man" Ernie Smith Music
Bunny Rugs "What's The Use" TABOU.1
Third World "Reggae Party" Gator
Nascio Fontaine "My Defense" Aphelion
Yamio Bolo "Rise Up" TABOU.1
Ras Shiloh "Brass Gates" Shiloh B
Bushman "Babylon Dead" Greensleeves
Prince Malachi "Prophet, Priest & King" Xterminator
Dahweh Congo "In America" RUNNetherlands
Clinton Fearon "Rocky Road" Kool Yu Foot
Clinton Fearon "Rocky Road Dub" Kool Yu Foot
Michael Rose "Don's Party"
Michael Rose & Saxemilla "Smile Jamaica" Saxemilla
Edi Fitzroy "The Gun" Massawa
Michael Prophet "Fisherman" RAS/Ariwa
Everton Blender "African Woman" Massawa
Ky-Mani "Rude Boy"

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Carter Van Pelt
Route I Box 169
Holland, NE 68372 USA