400 Years Radio Playlist

Saturday 4 to 6 p.m.
KZUM 89.3 FM
Lincoln, NE

May 16, 1998

Spotlight on Clinton "Bassie" Fearon

Clinton Fearon "On The Other Side" Boogie Brown
Gladiators "Symbol of Reality" Nighthawk
Gladiators "After You" Nighthawk
Lee Perry "Roast Fish & Corn Bread" Island
Junior Byles "Curly Locks" Heartbeat
Junior Byles "Curly Locks (alt take)" Heartbeat
Alric Forbes "Chant Down Babylon" I&I Pride*Ductions
Alric Forbes "Hungry Belly" I&I Pride*Ductions
Clinton Fearon "Who Cares" Peacemaker
Clinton Fearon "Brother Music" Boogie Brown
Clinton Fearon "New Old Song" Peacemaker
Gladiators "Righteous Man" Nighthawk
Gladiators "Bongo Red" Nighthawk
Culture "Garvey (ext mix)" Heartbeat
Don Carlos "Africa" RAS
Sizzla "Black Woman & Child" Digital B
Sizzla "Homeless" Xterminator
Sizzla "Blaspheme" Xterminator
Black Uhuru "Biff N Boof N Baff" Island

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