400 Years Radio Playlist

Saturday 4 to 6 p.m.
KZUM 89.3 FM
Lincoln, NE

March 22, 1997

Dub For Daze Vol I&II Dub Clash
Scientist vs. Jim Fox

Don Carlos/Jim Fox "Knock Knock" RAS
Peter Broggs/Scientist "Praising Dub" RAS
Peter Broggs/Jim Fox "Rastafari Dub" RAS
Peter Broggs/Scientist "Dub Gone Dub" RAS
Peter Broggs/Jim Fox "Got To Be Dub" RAS
Peter Broggs/Scientist "Mess With Dub" RAS
Freddie McGreggor/Fox "Jah A De Dub" RAS
Michigan & Smiley/Scientist "Pass The Dub" RAS
Don Carlos/Fox "Leaving Dub" RAS
Peter Broggs/Scientist "Ethiopia Dub" RAS
Don Carlos/Jim Fox "Sunshine Dub" RAS
Michigan & Smiley/Scientist "Here We Go" RAS
Freddie McGreggor/Jim Fox "Hungry Dub" RAS

Jim Fox defeats Scientist and claims the bonus round:
Lazo/Jim Fox "Don't You Dub" RAS
Peter Broggs "Coming Home Dub" RAS
Ras Pidow/Jim Fox "Afrika Dub" RAS

400 Years First Ever Full Album Feature presentation:
Johnny Osbourne Fally Lover Greensleeves CD512
"Fally Lover"
"You're Too Sexy"
"Two Bad Daughter"
"Ice Cream Lover"
"Man Of Jahoviah"
"No Lollipop No Sweet So"
"Love So Strong"
"He Can Surely Turn The Tide"
"Come Back Darling"

Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide Cut Of The Week
Lee Milo & Tishan "Informer" from Breakdown The Walls ANLE Music

Luciano "Guess What's Happening" Island Jamaica
Zeleke "Don't Let Me Down" Soup Records
Ronnie Davis "Road of Tradition" Nighthawk
Frankie Paul "Pass The Tu Sheng Peng" Greensleeves
Native Elements "Too Wrong Dub" NE

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