400 Years Radio Playlist

Saturday 4 to 6 p.m.
KZUM 89.3 FM
Lincoln, NE

March 2, 1996

Bob Marley "Kinky Reggae" TSP, Germany
Bob Marley "Stir It Up" TSP, Germany
Yvad "Unwanted" RAS
Everton Blender "Lift Up Your Head" Heartbeat
Everton Blender "Piece A De Blender" Startrail, JA
Luciano "Who Could It Be" Island Jamaica
Luciano "Just Like The Wind" Island Jamaica
Mystic Revealers "Dem Problem" RAS
Baaro "Love People" Wild Hare
Lions Den "South Africa Fightin'" Roots Records, UK
Danny Red "The Final Fight" Roots Records, UK
Sister Rasheda "Hail HIM" Roots Records, UK
Ziggy Marley "Black My Story" Virgin
Baaro "Ebolala" rough mix from forthcoming album
Ziggy Marley "Pains Of Life" Virgin
Baaro "No More" rough mix from forthcoming album
Bob Marley "Turn Your Lights Down Low" Island
Baaro "Chebelew" Wild Hare
Jackie Paris "King Solomon" Roots Records, UK
Edi Fitzroy "Check For You Once Girl" Musical Ambassador, JA
Keith Hudson "Black Right" Blood and Fire, UK
Prince Phillip "Judgment Dub" Blood and Fire, UK
Abyssinians "Peculiar Number" Clinch, JA
Abyssinians "Peculiar Dub" Clinch, JA
Burning Spear "Natural" Spear, JA

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