400 Years: Radio FREE MONDO Playlist

Saturday 4:00-4:20-6:00 p.m.
KZUM 89.3 FM
Lincoln, NE

December 5, 1998

all selections are live recordings

Michael Rose "Stalk of Sensimilla" Heartbeat
Michael Rose "How Yu Fi Do Dat" Heartbeat
Michael Rose "Gone a New York" Heartbeat
Aswad "Roots Rocking" Mango
Aswad "African Children" Mango
Steel Pulse "Chant A Pslam" MCA
Linton Kwesi Johnson "Dread Beat & Blood" LKJ Records
Big Youth "A Luta Continua"
Misty In Roots "Wicken Man" Kaz
Misty In Roots "Judgment Day" Kaz
Misty In Roots "See Them A Come" Kaz
Burning Spear "Queen of the Mountain" Slash
Culture "International Herb" RAS
Bob Marley "Kinky Reggae" TSP
Bob Marley "Stir It Up" TSP
Bob Marley "Lively Up Yourself" TSP
Bob Marley "Get Up Stand Up" TSP

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