400 Years: Radio FREE MONDO Playlist

Saturday 4:00-4:20-6:00 p.m.
KZUM 89.3 FM
Lincoln, NE

November 21, 1998

Lee Perry "President Dub" ROIR
Dub 38 Band "Bass Dub"
Roots Radics "Cry of the Werewolf" Greensleeves
Roots Radics "Country Gal Dub" Greensleeves
Prince Far I "Mansions of the Almighty" ROIR
Horace Andy "Tonight" Original Music
Mikey Dread "Comic Strip" Big Cat
Mutabaruka "Dubbin De Drughead" Lethal Records
Mutabaruka "Witeman Country" Alligator
Linton Kwesi Johnson "Inglan Is A Bitch" Island
Linton Kwesi Johnson "If I Waz a Tap Natch Poet" LKJ Records
Linton Kwesi Johnson "Poetry of Shape & Motion" LKJ Records
Linton Kwesi Johnson "More Time" LKJ Records
Linton Kwesi Johnson "Hurricane Blues" LKJ Records
Jah Mali "Naturality" Artists Only
Chukki Star "Almighty One" RAS
Garnet Silk "Sayanara" Kariang
Dennis Brown "Treat Me So Bad" RAS
Doniki & Steady Ranks "Bad Fruit" Kariang
Ras Shiloh "Sandi" Shiloh B
Ras Shiloh "Brass Gates" Shiloh B
Ras Shiloh "Change Gonna Come" Shiloh B
Della Grant "Love Jones" Twinkle Music
Shuggy Ranks "Ethiopia" Kariang
Mr. Vegas "No, No, No" Greensleeves
Chukki Star "Almighty One (Remix)" RAS
Al Campbell "Hard Times" Greensleeves

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