400 Years Radio Playlist

Saturday 4 to 6 p.m.
KZUM 89.3 FM
Lincoln, NE

October 11, 1997
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Ken Lazarus "Girl" LAZREC
Ernie Smith "Girl" Ernie Smith Music
Ernie Smith "Stay Awhile With Me" Ernie Smith Music
Ernie Smith "Bend Down" Ernie Smith Music
Ernie Smith "New York You're Going Crazy" Ernie Smith Music
Ernie Smith "Pitta Patta" Ernie Smith Music
Ernie Smith "To Behold Jah" Generation Records
Ernie Smith "To Behold Jah" Ernie Smith Music
Ernie Smith "Life Is Just For Living" Ernie Smith Music
Ernie Smith "Don't Worry Mama" Ernie Smith Music
Abyssinians (with Now Generation) "Y Mas Gan" Heartbeat
Abyssinians "Declaration of Rights version" Coxson
Winston Francis "I'll Be There" Studio One

Linval Thompson "I Love Marijuana" Thompson Sounds
Johnny Osbourne "Back Off" Thompson Sounds
Barry Brown "Natty Dread" Thompson Sounds
Barrington Levy "Jah Help Us" Thompson Sounds

Luciano "Sweep Over My Soul" Xterminator
Mikey General "Unseen Blessing" Xterminator
Mikey General "Miss Taylor Bwai" Xterminator
Sizzla "Among My Bredren" Xterminator
Sizzla "Babylon Cowboy" Xterminator
Sizzla "Inna Dem Face" Xterminator
Xterminator Crew "Wicked Haffe Run Wey Version" Xterminator
Xterminator Crew "Blaspheme Version" Xterminator

Michael Rose "General Penetentiary" Penthouse
Tony Rebel "Jah By My Side" Flames
Penthouse "Gone Bad Version" Penthouse
Bushman "Good Old Days"

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