400 Years: Radio FREE MONDO Playlist

Saturday 4:00-4:20-6:00 p.m.
KZUM 89.3 FM
Lincoln, NE

January 23, 1999

Mikey General "Unseen Blessing" Xterminator
Mikey General "Red Hot" FireHouse Crew
Sizzla "Ancient Memories" VP/Xterminator
Sizzla "Inna Dem Face" Xterminator
Jah Mason "Zion Road Rocky" RUNN
Iya Shanti "Gone Across The Ocean" Star Trail
Buju Banton "African Pride" Germain
Luciano "Just Like The Wind" Island Jamaica
Luciano "Jah Makes The World Go Round" Arrows
Luciano "Friend In Need" Island Jamaica
Garnett Silk "Sayanara" Kariang
Sizzla "Takes Only Time" Kariang
Sizzla "Make It So"
Sizzla "No Time To Gaze"
Sizzla & Luciano "Jah Blessing" VP/Xterminator
Luciano "Ulterior Motive" VP/Xterminator
Luciano "Hold Strong" VP/Xterminator
Luciano "Final Call" VP/Xterminator
Luciano "Jonah" VP/Xterminator
Luciano "When Man On Earth" VP/Xterminator
Luciano & Morgan Heritage "Talking Bout" VP/Xterminator
Luciano "Poor Youths" VP/Xterminator
Luciano "Can't Stop Jah Works" VP/Xterminator
Luciano "Sweep Over My Soul" VP/Xterminator

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Umoja Productions
Carter Van Pelt
Route I Box 169
Holland, NE 68372 USA