400 Years: Radio FREE MONDO Playlist

Saturday 4:00-4:20-6:00 p.m.
KZUM 89.3 FM
Lincoln, NE

January 2, 1999

Kulcha Shok Crew "Side Show Version" Kulcha Shok
Screwdriver "Terro" Upstairs Music
Coco Tea "The Weed" Xtermniator
Coco Tea "Business" Xterminator
Mikey General "Go Before Us" RUNNetherlands
Mikey General "Red Hot" Firehouse
Mikey General "Unseen Blessing" Xterminator
Mikey General "Live The Live" Kariang
Sizzla "Healing of the Nation" Kariang
Pluckie Ranks "Pastor & Deacon" Heartbeat City
Ras Shiloh "Head Gone Work" Shiloh B/PARAS
Mystic Revealers "Unity" PARAS
Wayne Jarrett "Magic In The Air" Wackies
Abbakush "Batta Dub" ?
Foreign Exchange "One Short of 8" 1st Step
LKJ "Poetry of Shape and Motion" LKJ Records
LKJ "Independent Intavenshun" Island
Linval Thompson "Dread Are the Controller" Trojan
Linval Thompson "Rocking Vibration" Burning Rockers
Junior Byles/Rupert Reid "Chant Down Babylon" Blood & Fire
Johnny Clarke "African Roots" Blood & Fire
Johnny Clarke "Every Knee Shall Bow" Blood & Fire
Leroy Sibbles "Love & Happiness" Micron
Sammy Dread "Mistake" Heartbeat City

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Umoja Productions
Carter Van Pelt
Route I Box 169
Holland, NE 68372 USA