400 Years
Online Reggae Zine

Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Kitson Town, Oct 4., 1998

400 Years was introduced as a zine and website in 1996 and billed as "here today, gone tomorrow." The website is still here, but the four zines are now out-of-print collectors items. Maybe another one will be published, maybe not . . .

Here are some articles and interviews from my Jamaican experiences and those of my friends . . .

Luciano interviewed by CVP 2/28/99

Mikey General interviewed by CVP

Some Final Words from Dennis Emmanuel Brown

Bernard Collins of The Abyssinians interviewed by CVP (9/27/98)

Mutabaruka, The Ultimate Interview (in 3 parts)

Skatalites' drummer Lloyd Knibb interview (4/23/98)

Triston Palmer interview by Carter Van Pelt, Feb. 3, 1998

Burning Spear interview by Carter Van Pelt, July 27, 1996

Burning Spear interview by Carter Van Pelt, August 22, 1997

Horace Andy interview by Carter Van Pelt

Linval Thompson bio

Linval Thompson interviewed by Carter Van Pelt

Linval Thompson, "Well Wicked" by Steve Milne

Donald Manning of The Abyssinians interviewed by Carter Van Pelt


Willi Williams on "400 Years" in Real Audio @ www.ireggae.com

Other contributors:

Jim Dooley, from Ottawa, Canada, currently maintains the Culture website and has been a contributor to the 400 Years site and the Culture issue of 400 Years. The following are his interviews.

Everton Blender interviewed by Jim Dooley

Fitzroy "Bunny" Simpson of The Mighty Diamonds interview by Jim Dooley

Tony Greene biography & discography by Jim Dooley

Culture's Albert Walker interviewed by Jim Dooley

Bassist/singer Lloyd Parks interviewed by Jim Dooley

Rock Steady singer Phyllis Dillon interviewed by Jim Dooley

Glen Washington interviewed by Jim Dooley


Doug Heselgrave contributed the following:

Jimmy Cliff Interview by Doug Heselgrave

Lee Scratch Perry in BC by Doug Heselgrave

Ray Hurford at More Axe/Small Axe let me publish his and David Katz's Earl Sixteen interview and also included is Steve Milne's Earl Zero interview from Full Watts.

The Heptones interviewed by the press pool at Reggae On The River 96

"Righteous Works" -- Earl Zero by Steve Milne from Full Watts 5

The More Axe 9 interview with Earl 16 by Ray Hurford & Dave Katz

If you need more:

Additional Archive of articles from Reggae Report, The Beat, Dub Missive, and elsewhere

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