Ernie Smith & Mikey Chung, 9/97

"I have been associated with Ernie since the early 1970s. He performed with us as a member of the Now Generation road band playing at venues throughout Jamaica. The Now Gen recording group, on the other hand, worked with Ernie on many of his hit records.

"I was therefore very enthusiastic when I was approached with the idea of doing this 30th anniversary compilation, and I quickly promoted the idea to see if we could reunite Now Gen (a dream I have had since 1994 long before the passing of my brother Geoffrey) as a backing band once again. If this was possible, it would mean the band would be playing together again for the first time in over 20 years. But with everyone's busy schedules, would this be possible?

"Wire and Mikey 'Boo' are always away, on the road with the Wailers. Duggie the same. . . I wonder if Robbie is available? Nonetheless I made the calls and YES! Wire and Mikey Boo were here on a break leaving again in a week. Duggie was home in New York, leaving the next week. Robbie could make the time. I was OK. So we booked the next 6 days and in 5 days we cut the 30 tracks (Errol Brown, as usual only ou could make it happen like we were back at Bond Street). Words cannot describe the events of the recordings. Now Gen was back, but now aged like fine wine, yet the fun and laughter was the same and yes, Geoffrey was with us although only in spirit, guiding us in his usual manner. Ernie and Now Gen were on their way.

"I have always respected Ernie as a very talented songwriter, singer, and friend, and I am honored to be working with him on this very special project. Good luck Ernie, there is a God."

-- Mikey 'Mao' Chung, summer 1997