Discography of Linval Thompson

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Known 7" singles

"No Other Woman" ELSA 1974 prod. Linval Thompson (first single)

"Ma-Ma Ma-Ma Saya" Big Sytle KH2447A prod. Stamma Hobson
"Another Man" b/w "Gracious Love (Version)" MARTS M1001 prod. EW Martin
"Weeping & Wailing" Mart's 208A/B prod. Everett Martin (1974)
"Pa Pa Priest" CC Records 9000 prod. CC Records (actually identical to "Weeping & Wailing")
"My Mother Say" Big Style 7"
"Jah Redder Than Red" b/w Pat Kelly "Soul Full Love" Sunshot 7" prod. Phil Pratt
"You Gotta Run"/"Redder Than Red" Sunshot 7" PP402B prod. Phil Pratt (premake/remake of "Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread")
"You Got To Run"/version Sunshot 7" 4597A/B prod. Phil Prat
"Kung Fu Man"/version Clocktower 7" CT507A/B prod. Lee Perry
"Jah Jah Guiding Star" Mr. Dynamic 7"
"Don't Try To Rob I" Jackpot 7" prod. Bunny Lee??
"Danger In Your Eyes" Thompson Sound 7" DSR6411-A-DT DSR6412
"Natty Dread A Pressure Them" Rockers 7"
"When Will They Learn" Big Ship 7"
"The Hill"/version Thompson Sound 7"
"Vanity"/version Thompson Sound 7"
"Hipocret" (sic) Thompson Sound 7" prod. L. Thompson & Holigan
"I Am Your Man" Thompson Sound 7" (P) 1979
"Time Get So Serious" Thompson Sound 7" prod. Bunny Gemini
"When Will They Learn" Big Ship 7" (P) 1996 prod. Freddie McGregor & Dalton Browne
"Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks" Clocktower 7"
"Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks" Attack 7" b/w U Roy "Joyful Locks"
"Ready For Love" Thompson Sound 7" (P) 1987
"Jah Jah The Conqueor" Grounation 7" (UK) (P) 1975 prod. Bunny Lee
"Some A Holla" Volcano 7"
"Look How Me Sexy" Jah Guidance 7"
"Ease Up Baby" Thompson Sounds 7" (approx 1984)
"Money Money" Thompson Sounds 7" (prod. L. Thompson & A. DeHaney -- diff than orig.)
"Don't Trouble Trouble"/version Roots VP1260A/B 7" prod. Bunny Lee
"I Love Marijuana"/version Thompson Sound 7"
"Back To Africa" M&M 7" 06A/B prod. Linval Thompson
"Skillfull Man" Gorgon Records 7" 8134/8135 prod. Linval Thompson (1979)
"Some A Rob"
"Jezebel Woman"
"Natty Dread Cocksman"/"Natty Dread Is The Greatest" 7" Attack /Justice FBL 7372A/B prod. Bunny Lee
"Never Give Your Love For Money" Baron's 7" EM001A/B prod. E. Martin/B. Smith
"Another Man" Marts 7" M1001A/B prod. E.H. Martin (same as above)
"Ride On Natty Dread"
"Girl You Got To Run"/"Run Come Feel" Faith 7" FA010A/B prod. Phil Pratt
"Abortion" Taxi 7"
"Natty Dread Girl" aka "Big Big Girl" prod. Bunny Lee
"Don't Be Afraid" DSR 3895 /"Call Me" DSR 8396 7" Yvonne's Special prod. Dennis Brown label says YS001
"Six Babylon"/Version (complete crucial dub mix) Thompson Sounds 1119/1120 7" prod. Linval Thompson (1979)
"Twelve Tribes of Israel" Live & Love 7" prod. Bunny Lee
"Keep on Moving" Wisdom 7" prod. Bunny Lee
"Jah A De" Gee's 7" 1055A/B prod. Lord Koos
"Dread A The Superstar" BMW Sound 7" DSR 6415A/B
"I Am Ready"
"Zion" Rockers 7" 14310/14311 prod. Rockers Master Shop
"Back To Africa"/version ("Jungle Man Skank") M&M Records 7" MM05A/B prod. Linval Thompson
"Lump Sum"/"Rock It" Selena 7"
"River Jordan"/version Roots from the Yard 7" VP120A/B prod. Linval Thompson (1978)
"Rockforth Rock"/version Volcano 7"

Up front UPF 06 Thompson Linval Loving You
12" MINT 8.00

Clocktower USA CT 715 Thompson Linval Don't Cut
Off Your Dreadlocks 7"

Jah Guidance RRM 3164 Thompson Linval Look How Me
Sexy 7" EX 6.00
Roots JA VP 1260 Thompson Linval Long Long
Dread Locks 7" MINT 10.00

Known 12" singles

"Rastafari Is My Religion" GG's 12" prod. A. Ranglin
"Love In The Ghetto"/"Natty Roots" Frontline 12" prod. Tony Robinson
"The Gambler"/Wayne Wade "Everyday Rain" Cha Cha 12" CHAD29 prod. Linval Thompson
"Lump Sum"/"Rocket" Salina 12" prod. Flabba Holt
"I Would Have Love You"/"Music On My Mind" Starlight Records 12" prod. Linval Thompson
"She Is Mad With Me"/"Stop Your War" D-Roy 12" DRDD16A/B prod. Linval Thompson/Prince Jammy
"I Love You"/"Really Love You" (feat. Ranking Trevor) Strong Like Sampson 12" (1979)
"Don't Make Your Next Door Neighbor"/"Next Door Neighbor" Live & Learn 12" prod. Delroy Wright & Linval Thompson
"Loving You"/"Sweet Talking" feat. Shadowman & Toyan Live & Learn 12" prod. Delroy Wright & Linval Thompson
"Poor People" feat. U Brown/Version A1 Records 12" A1004
"Bubble Up"/Fourth Harmony "Hear With Me" Gamble 12" GAD04A/B prod. Linval Thompson
"Can't Keep A Good Man Down"/George Nooks "Another Day" DownBeat 12" DB001 prod. George Nooks
"Million Dollar Baby"/"Murder" Starlight 12" SLD503 prod. Linval Thompson
"I Would Of Love You"/"Music On My Mind" Starlight 12" SLD516A/B prod. Linval Thompson
"I'm Your Man" feat. Jah Thomas/"Rastafari Is My Religion" feat. Jah Thomas GGs 12" GG074 prod. Linval Thompson
"Mad Dog" (deejay version of "Be Careful" by Jah Thomas)/"Kevin At The Controls" GGs (Hit Disco) GG056 prod. Linval Thompson
"Natty Roots"/"Love In The Ghetto" feat. Trinity The Front Line 12" DSRSS93 prod. Linval Thompson
"Fatty Boom Boom"/"version" 12" TS33A Thompson Sound (1986)
"I Never Run I Never Hide" (feat. Trinity)/"version" Greensleeves 12" gred12
"Holding on to My Girlfriend"/"Wife and Sweetheart" feat. Nicodemus Greensleeves 12" gred71
"Hold on to Your Girlfriend"/"Wife and Sweetheart" feat. Nicodemus Jah guidance 12"
"Long Time Me Na Rub You in a Dance" (feat. Trinity)/"One More Chance" Greensleeves 12" gred24
"All Night Long"/"Baby Father" Greensleeves 12" Gred112
"Bound to Surrender"/"version" Burning Sounds 12"
"Why Did You"/"Version" Strong Like Sampson 12"
"Pop no Style"/"Second Hand Girl" Trojan 12"
"Look How Me Sexy"/"Spar Wid Me" (feat. Ranking Toyan) Jah Guidance 12"
"Here with Me"/"Come on Baby, dub style" Attack
"Rocking Vibration/Bubble we a Bubble" (feat. Bunny Lion) Burning Sounds 12"
"Brown Skin Girl"/"Brown Skin Gal a Rub a Dub" (feat. Ranking Trevor) Black Joy 12"
"Cool Down Man"/"Don't Let Them Use You" Glory Gold 12" (P) 1982 prod.Colin Sampson & LT
"Ready For Dem" / Horace Andy "Mind Your Own Business" Mobsters 12" prod. Alcapone Simpson & Danny Mobsters
"If I Follow My Heart"/"Rockers Version" Burning Rockers 12" BRD 003
"Rocking Vibration"/"Natty Dread" Burning Sounds 12" BSD023 prod by Linvale (sic) Thompson
"Stepping Out of Babylon" a.k.a. "Can't Stop Natty Dread Again"/"Mind Babylon" Nationwide 12" BAL 003 prod. by Linval Thompson
"More Power"/ Mystic Eyes "Judgement Time" Thompson Sounds 12" LT27A/B (label says 25-A/B) 1979

Thompson Sound TS 001 Thompson Linval You Baby 12"

Jammys HD/JAM 003 Thompson Linval A Nuh Nothing 12"

Linval Thompson vocal albums/dub albums

Ride On Dreadlocks 1975-77
Blood & Fire BAFCD 032 (2000)
produced by Bunny Striker Lee & Linval Thompson

Tracks: Jah Jah The Conqueror, Long Long Dreadlocks, Ride On Dreadlocks, Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks/Joyful Locks (U Roy), 12 Tribes of Israel, Everybody Needs Money, Don't Try To Rob I, Cool Down Your Temper, A Big Big Girl, Jah Jah Is I Guiding Star, Can't Stop Natty Dread Again

all tracks are extended versions, either in original 12" discomix or A+B sides of 7" singles. An essential and legal collection.

Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
original press on Third World (U.K.)
a.k.a. Cool Down
Clocktower Records LPCT 0104 (1976)
produced by Bunny Striker Lee

Tracks: Black Princess Lady, Blood Gonna Run, Money Money, Don't Trouble Trouble, Trouble Dub, Cool Down Your Temper, Jah Jah The Conqueror, Big Big Girl, No Escape, Long Long Dreadlocks, Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks

Note: Issued as a pirate copy on CD by Esoldun as Long Long Dreadlocks. Thompson refers to the album as Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks. Most recently pirated by Abraham under the title Linval Thompson Presents African Princess.

I Love Marijuana
Trojan Records (1978)
Produced by Linval Thompson

Tracks: I Love Marijuana, Dread Are The Controller, Children Of The Ghetto, Don't Push Your Brother, Begging For Apology, Not Follow Fashion, Roots Lady, Big Big Girl, Just Another Girl, Starlight, Jamaican Collie (version)

Six Babylon
Clocktower Records LPCT 0111 (1979)
Produced by Linval Thompson

Tracks: Six Babylon, Don't Give Up, School Girl, Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread, Give Thanks and Praise, Mr. Bossman, Be Careful My Brother, Children Must Be Fed, Africa We Want To Go, No Confusion -- No Tribal War

Follow My Heart
Burning Rockers BR1006LP (1979/80?)
Produced by Linval Thompson

Tracks: Danger In Your Eyes, Stay A Little Bit Longer, Jumping For Joy,
Skillfull Man, Lion and Tiger, If I Follow My Heart, My Baby, Give Me A Chance, Big Oppressor, Dont Try To Love Me

Note: This was also issued in Canada by Micron with the title Stay A Little Bit Longer.

Love Is The Question
Burning Sounds BS1014LP (1979?80?)
Produced by Linval Thompson

Tracks: Love Is The Question, My Girl, Africa Is For The Blackman,
Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread, The Cheater, Love For Peace, My Love, Girl You Are A Cheater, Natty Is A Righteous Man

Note: Issued by Clocktower and later pirated by Abraham as Linval. The rhythm to"Love For Peace" is identical to Black Uhuru's "Sorry For The Man" (from Love Crisis prod. Prince Jammy 1977), and "My Love" is identical to Uhuru's "I Love King Selassie I" (Love Crisis, prod. Prince Jammy 1977).

Rocking Vibrations
Burning Sounds BS 1027 also Vista Sounds VSLP 4047
Produced by Linval Thompson and Lord Koos

Tracks: Rocking Vibration (Get Together), Black Woman, Freedom Fighter, I Got To Have You, Superstar, More Power, No More Problems, No Confusion, Dangerous Position, Rasta Children

Recorded at Channel One; Mixed at Tubby's; Voiced at Harry J's
Players: Sly, Robbie, Sky, Skully, Ossie, Winston Wright

I Love Jah
Burning Sounds BS 1035
Produced by Linval Thompson

Tracks: I Can't Stand The Pressure, You Must Feel It, Jah Jah A Do It, My Woman Is Gone, I Love Jah, No More War, Stop Loving, Mr. Wicked Man, Never Push Your Brother

Note: The sound quality on this recording is sketchy. The vocals are very poorly recorded.

Look How Me Sexy
Greensleeves Records (1981)
Produced by Linval Thompson

Tracks: Are You Ready, You're Young, Look How Me Sexy, Call Me, Sure Of The One You Love, Baby Mother, I Spy, Thing Couldn't Be The Same, Holding On To My Girlfriend, Lick Up The Chalice

Baby Father
Greensleeves Records (1983)
Produced by Linval Thompson

Tracks: Love Me Forever, If You Want My Love, Shouldn't Lift Your Hand, Yes I'm Coming, Baby Father, All Night Long, Run Down Vanity, Poor Man, She Gone, Tell Me The Right Time

Rescue Lover
Glory Gold (JA) GGLP002
Produced by Colin Sampson

Tracks: Let Off Money, Gone A Rema, Ready For Your Loving, Don't Tell Me Lie, Musical Train, Long Long Time, Sweet Loving, Tell Me Why, Rescue Lover

Train To Zion Dub (Linval Thompson with Wayne Jarrett and Ranking Trevor)
Tuff Gong DSR 2330 A/ DSR 2331 B (1981)
Produced by Colin 'Lip' Oldham, Linval Thompson

Tracks: Trip To Holy Mount Zion, Never Have A Problem, Have A Dreadlock Woman, Love You Black Lady, Dread On The Go, Train To Zion, Savalamar Rock, Money Problem, Only Jah Can Solve It, No Confusion

Green Bay Dub (with The Revolutionaries)
Burning Vibrations BV1004LP

Tracks: Mafia Dub, Jungo in Dub, Survival Dub, Nagusa Dub, Skillfull Dub, Creation Dub, Green Bay Dub, Hop Scotch Dub, Jerusalem Dub, Back A Wall Dub

Outlaw Dub (with The Revolutionaries)
Trojan Records TRLS 169 (rel. 1979)
Produced by Linval Thompson

Negrea Love Dub
Trojan TRLS 153, prod. by Linval Thompson

Tracks: Rock Me In Dub, Channel One In Dub, Thompson In Dub, Negrea Love Dub, Jah Jah Children Dub, Lion Dub, Natty Dread Dub, Roots Dub, Jamaica Colley Dub, Africa Love Dub

Note: Only two of these dubs are mixed with no vocals. All the others have Linval's voice at some point, presumably they are all from orginial LT vocal cuts.

Linval Thompson Meets King Tubbys Inna Reggae Dub Style "Dis A Yard Dub"
Abraham AALP 185A/B

Pure pirated bullshit.

Ease Up
Taxi 7726
Produced by Robbie Shakespeare

Tracks: Ease Up, Ready For My Loving, Abortion Abortion, Ghetto Youths, Cream Of My Crop, Guiltiness On Their Mind, Long Time She No See Me, Raggamuffin Girl, Baby Father

Musicians: Firehouse Crew with Robbie Lyn

Mango 9821
Produced by Sly & Robbie

Tracks: Mercy, Hall Them A Halla, Poor Man, Starlight, Ease Up, Soon Come, Looks Like It's Gonna Rain, Brag And Show Off, Greedy, Huff And Puff

Have To Be Sure
Rhino UK (Pirate CD) RN7006
Notes: Pirate compilation of mostly renamed tracks from Look How Me Sexy and I Love Marijuana. Says "Produced by Brad Osbourne," but all tracks are produced by Linval Thompson.

Tracks: Young Girl, Hold On (Holding On To My Girlfriend), Look How Me Sexy, Call Me, I Spy, Have Caution, Things, Have To Be Sure, Come Sistren (Lick Up The Chalice), Marijuana (I Love Marijuana), Dread At The Control (Natty Dread Are The Controller), Children Of The Ghetto, Peace To You Brother (Don't Push Your Brother), Accused & Abused (Begging For Apology)

Strong Like Samson: Linval Thopmson in Dub
Thompson Sounds LP 25

Linval Thompson productions of other artists:

Al Campbell -- Diamonds
Burning Sounds
Produced by Linval Thompson

Aces International -- Live and Direct
Intense 5
Produced by Linval Thompson

Barrington Levy -- Poorman Style
Produced by Linval Thompson

Big Joe -- African Princess
Trojan 152
Produced by Linval Thompson
Note: Utilizes many rhythms from I Love Marijuana album.

Cornell Campbell -- Sweet Baby
Burning Sounds BS1034
Produced by Linval Thompson

Cornell Campbell -- Superstar (LP )
Micron MIC CAN 0027
Produced by Linval Thompson

Dennis Brown -- Temperature Rising
Trojan TRLS353
Produced by Linval Thompson

Eek-A-Mouse -- Mouse and Man
Produced by Linval Thompson

Eek-A-Mouse -- Skidip
Produced by Linval Thompson

Eek A Mouse -- Bubble Up Yu Hip
Thompson Sounds 3
Produced by Linval Thompson

Frankie Paul -- If You Want Me
Produced by Linval Thompson

Freddie McGregor -- Big Ship
Thompson Sounds TS002 [1982] (reissue Greensleeves)
Produced by Linval Thompson

Freddie McGregor -- Roots Man Skanking
Produced by Linval Thompson

Freddie McGregor -- Rhythm So Nice
Thompson Sounds TSLP019
Produced by Linval Thompson

Freddie McGregor -- Jah Works
Clocktower LPCT0127
Produced by Linval Thompson

Freddie McGregor -- Early Days of Freddie
Sonic Sounds 32
Produced by Linval Thompson

Johnny Osbourne -- NightFall
Jah Guidance (JA) Reissued by Majestic Reggae 1997 with additional cuts
Produced by Linval Thompson

Meditations -- No More Friend
Produced by Linval Thompson

Mystic Eyes -- Mysterious
Burning Sounds BS1033
Produced by Linval Thompson

Ranking Dread -- Girls Fiesta
Burning Sounds 1025
Produced by Linval Thompson

Roots Radics Band -- Scientist and Jammy Strike Back
Trojan TRLS210
Produced by Linval Thompson

Scientist Meets The Space Invaders
Produced by Linval Thompson

Scientist Encounters Pac Man
Produced by Linval Thompson

Scientist In Dub
Jah Guidance
Produced by Linval Thompson

Scientist & Jammy -- Dub Landing
Star Light SLDP901
Produced by Linval Thompson

Scientist & Prince Jammy -- Dub Landing Volume II
Star Light SLDP903

Trinity -- Have A Little Faith
Micron 23
Produced by Linval Thompson

Trinity -- Rocking The Ghetto
Trojan TRLS170 (rel. 1979)
Produced by Linval Thompson
Note: Dub of Mysterious by Mystic Eyes

Triston Palma -- Joker Lover
Jah Guidance (JA) VPRL1015
Produced by Linval Thompson

Triston Palma -- Settle Down Girl
Trojan 215
Produced by Linval Thompson

Viceroys -- We Must Unite
Trojan TRLS208 (1982)
Produced by Linval Thompson

Viceroys -- Bredren & Sistren
Produced by Linval Thompson

Wailing Souls -- Wailing
Jah Guidance (JA)
Produced by Linval Thompson
Notes: Same as Face The Devil on Trojan, which has extra cuts by the Viceroys.

Various Artists?
Produced by Linval Thompson

Linval Thompson Presents: Two Sexes Clash
Produced by Linval Thompson & Bunny Gemini

Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread (various artists compilation)
Majestic Reggae/ Munich Records
Produced by Linval Thompson
Notes: The first track on this collection, "I Hold The Handle" is misattributed to the Wailing Souls, it is really the Mystic Eyes (a.k.a. Roots & Soul).

Reggae On The Seas
Sonic Sounds CD 0075
Produced by Linval Thompson
Freddie McGregor, Barrington Levy, Linval Thompson, Meditations, Wailing Souls, Voice Roys (sic)
Notes: This is a pirated compilation released without Thompson's permission -- as are so many. Many of the tracks are clipped at the beginning, making this a maddening piece of shit. It does have some tracks that are hard to find and version of "No More Friend" by the Meditations is a different mix from the Greensleeves release.

Various Artists -- Strong Like Sampson, 80's Revive Cultural Collection Volume 1
Strong Like Sampson KPSLSCD1 dist Jet Star 1997
Produced by Linval Thompson
Notes: a very well done collection, good mastering quality, rare material, all excellent.

Sugar Minott -- Slice Of The Cake
Heartbeat 24
Only some of the songs were produced by linval --sd

7" Singles

Thompson JA DSR 6942 Nooks George If You
Should Loose Me 7"

Thompson JA LT 27 Trinity We A Go
Part 7"

Thomspson JA DSR 6965 Dawn & Christine Free Mari
Juana 7"

12" Singles

Wailing Souls "Rude Boy Say Him Bad" CHAD 34A1
Wayne Wade "Tell Me What Going On" CHAD 34AA1
CHA CHA Music (UK)

Roots & Soul (Mystic Eyes) "I Hold The Handle" discomix with unknown deejay
Thompson All Stars "Version 2"
Thompson Sound 12" D-S-R6969-A-DT/D-S-R6970-B-DT
dist by Linval Thompson & Blackend, 101 Orange Street, Kingston

Horace Andy "Don't Say No" D-S-R9516A-DT
Hell & Fire "Stop Bugging Me" D-S-R9517B-DT
Thompson Sound Disco 45

Pat Kelly "There's A Song" D-S-R9514A-DT
Sassofras "Parson Do It Sweet" D-S-R 9515B-DT
Thompson Sound Disco 45 (P)(C) 1979

Freddie McKay "Gonna Be Sorry" L.T. 53212-A1* (sic)
Freddie McKay "Sometime I Cry" L.T. 52312-B1* (sic)
Strong Like Sampson Disco (P) 1979

Dawn & Christine "Holy Mount Zion" BSD 032A
Revolutionaries "Dub Version" BSD 032B
Burning Sounds 45

Johnny Osbourne "Trying To Turn Me On" SLSD 015A
Papa Tullo "Dis A Stylee"

Thompson & Koos TK 002 Stewart Roman & L. Thompson Rice & Peas
Suffers Feast 12"

Thompson Sound TS 002 Minott Sugar How Could I
Let You Get Away 12"

Thompson Sounds TS 003 Brown Dennis If I Didn't
Love You 12"

Linval Thompson interview

Linval Thompson, Well Wicked, from Full Watts

Linval Follows His Heart Again (7/26/98)

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