(L: Horsey smiles for the camera and chases out the British; R: portrait of a rocker. Photos by Carter Van Pelt)

I had the pleasure of visiting the great Horsemouth Wallace at his Kitson Town yard on October 4, 1998. We conducted the mother-of-all-Horsemouth interviews (over 2 hours), which will be posted here when it's transcribed. After the interview, he let me record a 35-minute drum clinic, during which he played many of his most important rhythms, including "Nanny Goat," "Throw Mi Corn," "Marcus Garvery," and "Slavery Days." He also offered a rhythm tour of Jonkanoo, Kumina, Nyabinghi, Ska (uptown & downtown), Rock Steady, and of course Reggae, with everything from flying cymbals to rockers and beyond. It was well wicked -- trust me mon.