What is Fünfundvierzig?

Fünfundvierzig* is a small independent record label based in Labenz, Germany. Started in 1984 by Piet Manns, the enterprise has released over 80 pieces of product in 12 years. The music of Fünfundvierzig is a direct reflection of the musical tastes of its owner. Without abusing the tired adjective 'eclectic,' it is fair to say that Fünfundvierzig is not confined to any particular genre.

The label has four focuses. One is Reggae, which includes artists such as the four-album roots Reggae stalwart Jamaica Papa Curvin; 1994 Reggae Sunsplash performers Gracy and the Herbman Band; an African roots ensemble called the Lions; a deejay called Mighty V; a deejay called Ragga Frankie and an ultra-progressive outfit called The Vision. The Vision has become known throughout the world for defining the creative and technical limits of modern roots dub reggae. Every Vision album is an experience.

Fünfundvierzig also features a department based around Max Goldt and his Foyer Des Arts -- identified by "strange unique German lyrics" as Manns puts it. For those not fluent in German, Goldt's music will likely come across as strange enough.

The third focus of Fünfundvierzig's efforts is on a Cologne, Germany-based scene, centered around former members of Can -- one of Europe's most important groups from the late 60's to the mid 70's. Former Can members are currently featured in Fünfundvierzig artists, Dunkelziffer and The YA-YA's.

The other department features the primarily industrial sounds of Bourbonese Qualk, Klangkrieg, Schnitzler-Thomasius, and the Boston, Massachusetts-based Sleep Chamber.

Manns' explanation for assembling such a diverse catalog is simple, "I only release what I really like. I released my compilation (10 Jahre Fünfundvierzig) with the hope that some people might understand my taste."

Fünfundvierzig has become one of the most respected independents in Europe because of attention to detail and quality, both in terms of production and presentation. If you love diversity in your music and can appreciate the creativity and style of a well run independent label, then you will be a fan of Fünfundvierzig.
*Fünfundvierzig translates literally to "forty and five" or "45" in English.

Schmiedetwiete 6
23898 Labenz

TEL 04536/619
FAX 0049-4536-8799

In Europe, Fünfundvierzig is distributed by INDIGO . . .

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