Girl You Are You To Young (Stranger Cole)
Oh No Baby (Stranger Cole)
Got To Live Some Life (Rossiblemo)
Bettcha By Golly Wow (Rossiblemo)
Talk About It (Upsetter)
Shame And Pride (Teem)
Shame And Pride (Ras Adbra)
Morgan The Pirate (Stars)
No More Will I Roam (Stars)
Jah Jah Bless The Dreadlocks (Attack) UK Bunny Lee
Care Free Girl (Clocktower) Bunny Lee
Mash Up (Dynamic)
Back Weh (Impact)
Back Weh (Well Charge)
Back Weh (Locks) UK
Country Living (Well Charge)
Love Me Girl (Channel One)
Poor Marcus (Well Charge)
I Need A Roof (Channel One)
I Neef A Roof (Well Charge)
I Need A Roof (Giant) UK
I Need A Roof (Black Wax) UK
Have Mercy (Well Charge)
Have Mercy (Channel One)
Stand Up To Your Judgement (Hit Bound)
Stand Up To Your Judgement (Revolutionary)
Have Mercy (Black Wax) UK
Right Time (Channel One)
Right Time (Well Charge)
Right Time (Gorgon)
Right Time (Locks)_ UK
Pray On Jah Music (Channel One)
I'm Still In Love With You Girl (Channel One)
Tell Me What's Wrong (Channel One)
Tell Me What's Wrong (Well Charge)
Africa (Well Charge)
Jail House (Well Charge)
Cantonine (Well Charge)
Cantonine (Disco Mix)
Bodyguard (Channel One)
Back Wey (Well Charge)
Why Mi Black Brother Why (AC Music)
Ghetto Living (Joe Gibbs)
Identity (Belmont)
Gyspy Woman (Joe Gibbs)
Keep On Moving (Joe Gibbs)
You Shuld Be Thankful (Attack)
Sweet Lady (Bad Gong)
Proverbs (Bad Gong)
Swing & Dine (Bad Gong)
Let Jah Sun Shine (Bad Gong)
Country Living (Bad Gong)
Grandma (Bad Gong)
Let Jah Son Arise (Bad Gong)
Kinarky (Bad Gong)
Mary Mack (Bad Gong)
Big Man (Bad Gong)
Days Of John Wayne (Bag Gong)
No Hope (Bad Gong)
Struggling (Bag Gong)
Respect Due (Outernational)
Don't Want War (56 Hope Road)
Tamarind Farm (Hot Rod)
She's Just A Carefree Girl (Prophesy)
Calling My Name (Confirm)
Girl You Are To Young (Success)
To Be In Love (Success)
Ram Jam (Kings Crown)
Ready For The World (Shamar)
Red Hot (Moses)
Love Me Forever (Sapphire)
Jam Session (Live & Learn)
Marcus We Miss You (Live & Learn)
Never Get Weary (Live & Learn)
Love The Heathen Children (Live & Learn)
Satellite Dish (Live & Learn)
Roney Blank (A. Brown)
Anti-Crack (Hot Heat)
Mr. Chin Slippers (Hot Heat)
Not To Blame (Hot Heat)
Long Time (Mighty Diamonds)
Danger In Your Eyes (Gussie)
Heads Of Government (Gussie Roots Sounds)
Only The Strong Survive (Gussie Roots Sounds)
Juvenile Child (Gussie Roots Sounds)
The Way You Walk (Gussie's 80's)
Soup Up Stars (Music Works)
Wise Son (Music works)
Ebony & Ivory (Music Works)
Pretty Woman (Music Works)
Pass The Kutchie (Music works)
Pass The Knowledge (Music Works)
Live Right (Zipp)
Posse Are You Ready (Sunset)
Mr. Bodyguard (Anchor)
Heavy Load (Anchor)
Juvenile Propery (Stair Way)
Problems (BCR International)
Ina Di Dance (J R Recordings)
Roof Over My Head (J R Recordings)
Seven Ways From Sundown (Exteminator)