Morgan The Pirate (Mobiliser)
People Are Crying (Hit Bound)
Plastic World (Channel One)
Know Your Culture (Channel One) 10"
Party Time (Joe Gibbs) DJ Prince Mohammed
Just Like A River (Joe Gibbs) DJ Ranking Joe
Wicked A Fight (African Museum)
Brotherman (G Revolutionary Sounds)
Mary Mack (Kingdom) UK
Last Dance (Black Magic) (JB Music) UK
Born A Yard (Blue Trac) UK
I'n Not To Be Blamed (Rockers Plantation) UK
Just Can't Figure It Out (Trojan) UK
Pretty Woman (Reggae) UK
Let The Dollars Circulate (Thunder Bolt)
Respect Due (Outernational)
Party Time (Outernational)
Juvenile Child (Shank Kai Sheck)
Danger In Your Eyes (EAD)
Tamarind Farm (Germaine) DJ U Brown
Keep Out (Germain)
Day In Day Out (BTR)
If Your Looking For Trouble (Live & Learn) UK
Struggling (Live & Learn)
Gates Of Zion (Greensleeves)
Only The Strong Survive (Gussie Roots Sounds) NY
Danger In Your Eyes (Gussie's)
Diamonds Medley (Hawkeye)
Set Me Free (SMJ)
Wah Do Yuh So (SRI) UK
Unruley Pickney (Music Works) UK
Wise Son (Music Works)
Pass The Kouchie (Island) UK
Pass The Kouchie (Music Works) 10"
Gang War (Music Works)
Have Mercy '96 Mix (VP Records)