Love Crisis
Jammy's / Third World 1977

Studio: Voice: King Tubby's Mix: Tubby's Rhythm: Harry J's
Producer: Prince Jammy
Engineer:: Voice: Sylvan Morris Mix: Prince Jammy

Players: drums: Sly Dunbar, "Santa" Davis bass: Robbie Shakespeare, Mikey lead guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith, "Boo Peep" Bowen rhythm guitar: Eric "Binghi Bunny" Lamont piano: Keith Sterling, Gladstone Anderson organ: Winston Wright percussion: "Scully" Sims horns: Bobby Ellis, Deadley Headley, Cedric Brooks strings: Earl "Wire" Lindo Clavinet: Winston Wright harmonica: Johnny Osbourne

Tracks: Love Crisis, Time To Unite, Bad Girl, Eden, Willow Tree, King Selassie, African Love, Natural Mystic, Army Band, Hard Ground

Notes: two different lp covers, mixes ­p; the Third World pressing has no horns. Remixed, overdubbed and reissued as Black Sounds Of Freedom by Greensleeves in 1981.

Uhuru In Dub

Producer: Prince Jammy

Players: see Love Crisis

Tracks: Eden Dub, Mystic Mix, His Imperial Majesty, Weeping Willow, Bad Girls Dub, Tonight Is The Night, Firehouse Special, African Culture, Crisis Dub, Sound Man Style

Notes: The first editions of the zine had a serious error in this listing. This is corrected: Side two of Uhuru In Dub was issued as Jammies In Lion Dub Style by Jammy's (227A/226B). The full Love Crisis dub was later issued as Love Dub by Rohit. It is strangely mixed, (probably overdubbed) and poorly packaged ­p; to be generally avoided. The album also appeared on CD as A Dub Extravaganza: Uhuru In Dub and Osbourne In Dub (the latter being a Johnny Osbourne Dub).

Taxi JA / Black Rose (Canada) / D-Roy U.K. 1979

Studio: Channel One
Producer: Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare
Players: drums: Sly bass: Robbie Guitar: Robbie, Radcliffe Bryan, *Keith Richards organ: Keith Sterling, Winston Wright lead guitar: Rad Bryan

Tracks: *Shine Eye Gal, Leaving To Zion, General Penitentiary, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, Abortion, Natural Reggae Beat, Plastic Smile

Notes: The D-Roy issue is the original, giving way to reissues in three more manifestations. Both blue and black vinyl copies were pressed. The D-Roy version has alternate edits and dubs. Issued as Vital Selection or Black Uhuru by Virgin in 1979 and as Guess Who's Coming To Dinner by Heartbeat in 1983. * "Shine Eye Gal" was produced by Delroy Witter and features Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones on guitar. All of the cuts were issued in pre-release form on Taxi in Jamaica before being collected.

Island 1980

Producer: Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare
Studio: Channel One
Engineer: Recording Ernest Hoo Kim, Colonel Maxie,
Remixing engineer: Bunny Tom Tom

Players: drums: Sly bass: Robbie lead guitar: Rad Bryan rhythm: Bertram "Ranchie" McClean acoustic piano, organ: Ansel Collins percussion: Uziah "Sticky" Thompson harmonica: Jimmy Becker

Tracks: Happiness, World Is Africa, Push Push, There Is Fire, No Loafing, Sinsemilla, Endurance, Vampire

Notes: Stevie Wonder plays keyboards on No Loafing

Island 1981

Studio: Channel One, Mixed Compass Point
Producer: Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare
Engineer: mix: Steven Stanley sound: Solgie Hamilton vocal: maxie guitar overdub: Kendall Stubbs

Players: drums: Sly Drumbar bass: Robbie Basspeare rhythm guitar: Bertram "Ranchie" McClean , Mikey Chung piano: Robbie Lyn, Keith Sterling, Robert Shakespeare lead guitar: Mikey Chung, Radcliffe "Dougie" Bryan, Bertram "Ranchie" McClean, Barry Reynolds percussion: Uziah "Sticky" Thompson

Tracks: Youth of Eglington, Sponji Reggae, Sistren, Journey, Utterance, Puff she Puff, Rockstone, Carbine

Notes: Also issued in red vinyl.

Chill Out
Island 1982

Studio: Channel One (mixed at Compass Point, Nassau)
Producer: Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare
Engineer: "Solgie" Hamilton, Steven Stanley

Players: drums: Sly bass: Robbie rhythm guitar: Bertram McClean lead guitar: Rad Bryan, Mikey Chung, Barry Reynolds piano: Ansel Collins, Robbie Lyn percussion: Christopher "Sky Juice" Burth, Uziah "Sticky" Thompson synths & vocoder: Wally Badarou

Tracks: Chill Out, Darkness, Eye Market, Right Stuff, Mondays, Fleety Foot, Wicked Act, Moya (Queen of I Jungle), Emotional Slaughter

Tear It Up -- Live
Island 1982

Studio: live
Producer: Island/ Chris Blackwell
Engineer: Godwin Logie

Players: drums: Sly bass: Robbie rhythm guitar: Mikey Chung lead guitar: Darryl Thompson keyboards: Keith Sterling percussion: "Sky Juice"

Tracks: Shine Eye Gal, Plastic Smile, Abortion, General Penitentiary, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, I Love King Selassie, Sinsemilla, Leaving For Zion

The Dub Factor
Island 1983

Studio: Channel One, Compass Point
Producer: Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare
Engineer: Solgie, Steven Stanley, Maxie Kendall Stubbs, Frankie Gibson
Players: see Red & Chill Out

Tracks: Ion Storm, Youth, Big Spiff, Boof 'n' Baff 'n' Biff, Puffed Out, Android Rebellion, Apocalypse, Back Breaker, Sodom, Slaughter

Notes: Dubs to material from Red and Chill Out.

Island 1984

Studio: Dynamic and Compass Point
Producer: Black Uhuru with Steven Stanley and Paul Smykle
Engineer: Noel Hearne, Steven Stanley

Players: drums: Sly bass: Robbie lead guitar: Darryl Thompson keyboards: Franklyn "Bubbler" Waul percussion: "Sky Juice" trumpets: Dave Madden, Junior "Chico" Chin saxophone: Dean Fraser trombone: Nambo Robinson additional keyboard on "Elements": Wally Badarou lead guitar on "Solidarity": Willie Lindo

Tracks: What Is Life?, Solidarity, Black Uhuru Anthem, Try It, Botanical Roots, Party Next Door, Bull In The Pen, Elements

Notes: At least three versions of this; the US and U.K. versions are the same [i.e. re-mixed by Paul Smykle] making the JA version sound more stripped-down)

Reggae Greats: Black Uhuru
Island 1985

Producer: Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare

Tracks: Happiness, World Is Africa, Sponji Reggae, Youth Of Eglington, Darkness, What Is Life, Bull In The Pen, Elements, Push Push, Right Stuff

Notes: Compilation of Island material

Liberation -- The Island Anthology
Island 1993

Producer: Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare

Tracks (disc one): Chill Out, Party Next Door (12" version), Black Uhuru Anthem (original mix), Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (12" version), Shine Eye Gal (live), Sponji Reggae (12" version), Wicked Act, Botanical Roots (original mix), Somebody's Watching You (original mix), Utterance, Slaughter, I Love King Selassie (live), Darkness/Dubness (10" version), Elements (original mix)

Tracks (disc two): What Is Life (original mix), Youth Of Eglington, Youth, Right Stuff (10" version), Whole World Is Africa, Happiness (live ­p; previously unreleased version), Mondays/Killer Tuesday (10" version), Solidarity, Ion Storm, Try It (original mix), Bull In The Pen (original mix), Sinsemilla, Puff She Puff, Party In Session (12" version ­p; single B-side, previously unavailable)

Notes: Worthwhile double cd-retrospective of the Rose led Uhuru years

RCA ­p; U.K. / BMG Japan 1990

Producer: Byron Byrd, Gota, Noel Browne, Michael Rose

Tracks: Mother and Child Reunion, Hot Pop, Buzz You, Promised Land, Richie The Rich, Eyes, Demonstration, Invasion, Just Do It, Proud, Don's Party, Africa Your Safe (sic), Invasion dub, Mother and Child Reunion (Gota mix)

Notes: Rose's first full-length album after leaving Black Uhuru - issued in Japan and Europe.

Dread Lion / VAP Japan 1992

Producer: Noel Browne, (Stephen Stanley on Hurry Home Baby)

Tracks: Dummy, Badda Boys (Badder Boys), Bonanza, Pretty Fine, Hurry Home Baby, Help, It's Allright, Hold It Down, Football

Notes: Japan-only release.

King of General
HiBrite Japan 1994

Producer: Michael Rose and Carolle Rose

Tracks: Rude Boy General, Sinsemilla 94, Beautiful, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner 94, I Love King Selassie (Jah Live), Youth of Eglington, Bad Mind, Bad Boy (In Town), Hurry Home Baby

Notes: Japan-only release

Michael Rose
Heartbeat US 1995

Studio: Penthouse, Tuff Gong, Mixing Lab
Producer: Winston "Niney The Observer" Holness
Engineer: rhythm, voice, dubbing: Mark "Stumpy" Brown, Michael Riley, Keith Grant Mix: Lynford "Fatta" Marshall, Colin "Bulbie" York

Players: drums: Dave Fluxy, Sly Dunbar bass: Leroy Mafia, Robbie Shakespeare keyboard: Dave Fluxy, Herbie Harris, Robbie Lyn, Paul "Wrongmove" Crossdale guitar: Mikey Chung, Lloyd "Gitsy" Willis percussion: Uziah "Sticky" Thompson harmony vocals: Pam Hall, Derrick Lara, Junior Moore

Tracks: Too Hard A Hearing, How You Fi Do Dat, Short Temper, (Duck Duck) A Who You, Badder Than You, Cassabank Queen, Hang On, Warning, So Much People Crying, Don't Play With Fire, Badder Than You (Sly Ruff Mix)

Notes: Michael Rose's first american release since Black Uhuru. Also issued as advance copy with alternate black and white cover.

Sly and Robbie Presents Mykall Rose: The Taxi Sessions
Taxi 1995

Studio: Mixing Lab
Producer: Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare
Players include: drums: Sly Dunbar bass: Robbie Shakespeare guitar: Lloyd "Gitsy" Willis keyboards: Robbie Lyn

Tracks: Marcus Garvey, One A We Two A We, Coke Is A Joke, Home Sweet Home, Visit Them, Car War, New York, Bad Boy, Beggar, African Girl, Yush, Monkey Business

Notes: This was recorded in 1991 and saw limited distribution on vinyl only as a promotional copy.

Rising Star (Voice of the Ghetto)
Record Factory U.K. / VP US 1995

Studio: Record Factory
Producer: Bunny Gemini
Engineer: U.U. Palmer, Michael Steer, Jack Clarke

Players: FireHouse Crew horns: Dean Fraser, Dave Madden synth: Jah D, Toney Basey guitar: Lascelles Beckford background vocals: Richie Mack

Tracks: Ouncey Boy, Take The Shame, Rising Star, None No Deh Deh, It's The Fever, Retribution, Jealous One, Deliver Me, Don't Touch It, Cherry Chase, Ouncey Boy (Jungle Mix)

Notes: Recorded before Michael Rose.

Be Yourself
Heartbeat US 1996

Studio: Mixing Lab, Main Street (Miami) Mixed at 2b
Producer: Michael Rose
Engineer: Rohan "Doc Holiday" Dwyer

Players: drums: Danny Browne, Squidley Cole bass: Christopher Meredith, Danny Browne keyboards: Noel Browne, Robbie Lyn, Geoffrey Chung guitar: Newton Simmons

Tracks: Rude Boys (Back In Town), Hold It Down, Be Yourself, Black Maria, The Juice, Dummy, I Love King Selassie, From Babylon To Timbuktu, Everything Is Pretty Fine, It's Beautiful, Agony, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Notes: Issued as advance copy with alternate black and white cover.

Big Sound Frontline
Heartbeat US 1996

Tracks: Bad Version, Big Sound Frontline, Greedy Dogs, Desperado, Breakout, Be Wise, Selassie Divinity, Hair Trigger, Legacy, A Fine Version, Live Upright, African Safety, Natty Feast, Bad Crazy Drops

Notes: dub companion to Be Yourself

Nuh Carbon
Greensleeves U.K. / RAS US 1996

Studio: Music Works, Black Scorpio, Grafton Studio
Producer: Jah Screw
Engineer: recording: Doctor Marshall, Rohan Dwyer, Damion, Culture Lee, Murphy, Paul Daley. mix: Colin 'Bulby' York, Finga Stewart, Rohan Dwyer, Fatta

Players: drums: Sly Dunbar, Danny Firehouse, Rohan Dwyer, Clevie Browne, Fluxy, Computer Paul bass: Owen "Bassie" Reynolds, Danny Firehouse, Mafia, Mikey Bennett keyboards: Carlton Bubbler, Wrong Move, Mafia, Computer Paul guitars: Willie Lindo, Lloyd "Gitsy" Willis, Wrong Move horns: Dean Fraser, Chico Chin, Nambo Robinson backing vocals: Brian & Tony Gold, Sugar Black, Norbert Clarke

Tracks: Original (Nuh Carbon), My Eyes On Jah Jah, Ordinary Man, A Friend Indeed, Don't Be A Warmonger, Where Is That Love, Ruff And Ragged, Good Vibes, Them A Watch, African Girl, Straight To The Top, Money, Once Bitten, Warmonger (featuring Daddy Screw)

Notes: According to Rose, this was recorded in the early 1990s.

Dance Wicked
Heartbeat US 1997

Studio: A Class, Matrix, Soul II Soul, Monrose, Wessex
Producer: Mafia & Fluxy
Engineer: Gussie P, Clive Goddard

Musicians: Various

Tracks: Happiness, Dance Wicked, Lion In The Jungle (with Maxi Priest), Run Dem A Run, Dreadlocks, Reality, Landlord, See And Blind, I Don't Want To Say Goodbye, Mind Made Up, Never Get Me Down, Life In The Ghetto

Dub Wicked
Heartbeat US 1997

Notes: Dub of Dance Wicked.

Discography compiled from collections of Hany Hosny, George Callas, Charley Morgan, Robert Shoenfeld, Robert Nelson, and Jim Dooley